What does it mean when you find money on the street

May 01, 2013 · There is no specific place that's good to find dropped money.You may find money dropped on the ground, especially places where people sit down or take off their jackets, thus money falling out of ....

What does it mean when you find coins after a death? Seeing coins after the passing of your loved one could be a sign. Coins are a sign that you are valued, there is oneness in the afterlife, and there is a continuation of the Spirit of your loved one. Now that you know there could be a spiritual significance in finding pennies, the next most.

8. Dreaming About Lending Someone Your Money: If you dreamt of yourself lending to someone, it means that you’re concerned for them. You’re their well-wisher and want them to be happy.




3- A message about alignment. Money is a spiritual gift and finding money on the ground can remind you that it's safe to take a step back. If you find only small amounts of money, keep in mind that this could be like receiving golden nuggets which reminds us about our journey towards achieving peace within ourselves.".

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